Create SOPHOS Firewall Appliance


Firewalls are important security tools that allow administrators to monitor and manage incoming and outgoing traffic for a network. GNS allows you to easily provision and use two different firewalls (pfSense and Sophos) as well as to bring your own and easily link it with your existing VMs and networks.

Sophos is a fully managed and comprehensive firewall appliance that includes protection for 10 vLANs for $120.00 per month. Partners can upload custom Sophos configurations to their WL account, or have our GNS Support Engineers manage all aspects of the firewall for you. Sophos’ robust system for managing different groups of servers, makes it easy to manage the license over one client or spread across multiple.

How to create a Sophos Firewall:

  1. Send an email to you dedicated account manager or [email protected]. Please explain that you’d like a Sophos firewall set up, include which servers should be separated into which groups, and detail the specific firewall rules you’d like set for each of them.
  2. We do the rest!